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Welcome to the Fat Dog Site: home to the fattest pets on the internet!  Your web browser is pointed at the only website celebrating every dog wearing extra weight and keeping all the fans of those porky pooches happy.  From roly-poly puppies to the king-sized dogs that make the news, you'll find them all prized here like no place else.  So give your dog a nice belly-rub and enjoy your stay!


[February 3, 2010]  A brief update here at the Fat Dog Site, as we enter our second decade.  A couple of broken links have been updated, along with some other behind-the-scenes things.  During your visit, be sure to check out our Flickr Photostream, accessible via the Visuals page.  And while you're at it, don't forget to stop by our forum, The Food Dish, to check out the newest threads about porky pooches and everything else our members are talking about.  Give your furry friend a few treats, a nice scratch behind the ears, and enjoy your stay!


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[May 27, 2009]  With Yahoo's announcement that they will be closing GeoCities later this year, the Fat Dog Site is moving!  Beginning today, visitors may reach the Fat Dog Site at our new address,  No, it's not the most glamorous web host, and it's not ad-free, but it's in no danger of shutting down anytime soon- and that's why the site is hosted there now.  Of course, our website can still be reached via the old URL, which has been around nearly as long as the website itself.  The GeoCities location, our home since 2003, will be left up on the web until Yahoo shutters its service, but be sure to update your bookmarks today!

[January 3, 2009]  January brings a small but significant update here at the Fat Dog Site: amazing though it may seem, 2009 marks the 10th anniversary of this website's existence.  We've seen a few different designs of the website, a few different web hosts, and a few different forums, but the one constant over the last 10 years has been the fact that- for whatever reason- people still come here.  And that's the only reason that this website is still up on the 'net.  So as you study our BCS chart, research feeding tips to help your pet gain some weight, participate in the forum, or watch the new videos in the Visuals section (something that was simply inconceivable when this place first went online), remember that your visit is why we're still around.  Here's to 10 more years!

[February 11, 2008]  As promised, the newly-remodeled Visuals section is officially open for business!  What's new, you may ask?  The Howl of Fame, featuring the most frequently viewed photographs from all of our previous incarnations; our new Flickr photostream, which now houses the bulk of our photos; the News Articles section, highlighting newspaper clippings of heavyweight pooches; a Video section, boasting embedded video clips starring overfed pets; a section showcasing fat dogs in comic strips and other still animation; and last but not least, a section exploring hefty hounds in advertising.  But don't take our word for it- check it out yourself.

[February 1, 2008]  We've done a little bit of housecleaning here at the Fat Dog Site- a little dusting, a little organizing, a little spit, a little polish- and we're happy to say that not only do we have some brand new content available for our visitors, but there's even more to come.  First, the new stuff: head on over to our Scoring section to see our all-new Body Condition Scoring guide!  Following our new guidelines will have your happy dog king-sized in no time.  But what else is on the way?  Major revisions to our vaunted Visuals section, which will not only include new images of the fattest pets around, but all-new functionality and features as well.  Enjoy the updates, and check back for our new updates soon.

[August 1, 2007]  If you've been around here for any real length of time, you'll know one thing is certain: it doesn't take very long for me to tire of the visual design of the website.  That being said, here's the new one.  It's a little different than the last incarnation- a little bit brighter- but I'm sure everyone will grow accustomed to it in time.  I'm sure you must be wondering what else is new around here.  Well, there's no better way to find out than to do a little nosing around.  Don't forget to stop by the all-new version of our forum, The Food Dish, and say hello.  My apologies to all of the regulars who submitted new images for the update via the old forum, as the majority of them were unfortunately lost with the rest of what was posted there.  But I'm sure you'll enjoy tracking down all those porky pooches again!

[July 5, 2007]  The company that has hosted our forum for the last year and a half is currently having some difficulties, and the forum is still offline as of this writing.  At this point, I'm unsure as to whether or not The Food Dish will survive in its current incarnation- after all, with free hosting, you get what you pay for!  If trouble persists, I'll begin to explore other alternatives.  And on a more positive note, a long-overdue update is in the works.  Stay tuned!

[February 22, 2006]  Have you tried to access The Food Dish lately, only to be re-directed to a generic webpage?  So have I!  Apparently they re-organized their forum system, and as a result our forum, along with all its content, has been lost.  Not to worry, though: The Food Dish is alive and well at a brand new location, right here.  So take a few minutes and check it out- 'cause it's pretty empty right now!

[December 23, 2005]  It's the height of the holiday season, and the Fat Dog Site has a gift for all of you regular visitors.  That's right, an update!  Complete with new content, too: 24 new images posted throughout the Visuals section to bring a grin to your face as you let your dog chow down on the fruitcake you couldn't bring yourself to eat.  So give your pet a tummy rub and set aside a few minutes to soak in the new stuff around here.  And, if you've got anything you'd like to add, feel free to send it in- or, if you don't want to wait around for the next update ('cause who knows when that's going to be!), post it in The Food Dish.

[April 15, 2005]  It's April 15th, and you know what that means!  Well, yeah, it's tax day, too.  But more importantly, it's update day here at the Fat Dog Site.  Repeat visitors to the website will notice our new look right off the bat- figured it was time for a change.  Other updates include an  updated Links section and a completely new Visuals section, with hundreds of new images!  Well, maybe not hundreds.  But certainly tens of new images.  Anyway, take your time, poke around the new stuff, and be sure to stop by our forum, The Food Dish, to chat it up with other website visitors.

[January 17, 2005]  Well!  The last ten months have seen some interesting behind the scenes things happening around here- most of it surprisingly un-interesting.  But that doesn't matter, because The Fat Dog Site is back and better than ever.  The biggest difference you'll notice if you've been a regular visitor here is our brand-spanking-new web forum, The Food Dish.  Make sure and check it out for all kinds of great feeding tips, links and other conversation- if you post it, that is!  I'm still in the process of figuring out a way to streamline the Visuals section a little bit, as nearly 200 thumbnails loading eats up my bandwidth pretty quickly.  So the update for that section will take a tad longer, but with about 30 new images, it'll be worth it.  No place on the 'net packs as much pooch poundage as The Fat Dog Site!

[March 1, 2004]  Yes, the first update of 2004 is a little bit overdue.  On the plus side, that allowed some time for a little bit of new content to pile up.  So!  As soon as you're finished here, click your way over to the Visuals section to take a look at some new images- from photos to screencaps, there's a little bit of everything.  On a different note, it's great to see the Board getting a little bit of conversation action.  A friendly Fat Dog Site welcome to any and all newcomers who have taken the time to post here and there.  That's about all there is for this update- remember, springtime is just around the corner and it's the perfect time for your furry friend to show off all those extra winter pounds and inches and remind everyone that he's hungry for more!  Enjoy the update.

[October 28, 2003]  It's been a couple of quiet months here at The Fat Dog Site, but an update was bound to roll around sooner or later- and it has!  So head on over to the Visuals section to feast your eyes on a group of new photos of some of the fattest dogs on the 'net.  Like what you see?  Want to talk to other fat dog fans?  Just want to say hello?  Then swing by the Board after you've taken a look and strike up some conversation.  And don't forget: fall's in full force, which means it's a great time to help your pooch pack on some extra pounds for the chilly months ahead and make sure he stays nice and comfy!  You'll both enjoy the huggable results.

[July 22, 2003]  Hope all you fat dog fans are enjoying your summer months in 2003- and all your tubby pets are showing off that cuddly pooch-poundage between snoozes in the sun.  It's been a couple of months since the last update around here, and there isn't too much to add this time around: six new images in the Visuals section.  So click on in and take a look at the newest inductees into the gallery, or try and drum up a little bit of conversation on the Message Board- because there are more fat dog fans out there than you might guess.  That's about it for this month... as always, keep feeding your furry friends big and fat!

[May 1, 2003]  What a wild little ride.  Bet you thought that things were never going to be updated again, didn't you?  Well you couldn't have been more wrong.  Why has it been so long since the last update?  Well just look around!  The entire website has been re-designed from the ground up, making this the fourth different design- and I think the best- featured at the website since its inception in 1999.  While the design is the biggest facet of the update, that's by no means the extent of things.  So take a little time, explore a little bit, have fun with the pictures, and visit the Message Board to post a quick "hello!"  

[January 31, 2003]  It's been a little bit longer than I had hoped in coming, but the January/February update is here and ready to go.  Important business first, though... the Fat Dog Site has changed webspace providers.  I lost my account at Dreamwater because I didn't log in for too long (no January update remember), and they apparently charge to start up an account with them anymore.  That being the case, the site's now hosted at Geocities- which, of course, is still free.  The web address will stay the same.  Now for the good news!  A bunch of new pictures in the visuals section, including a picture of a pooch who is so fat it's hard to believe you're actually looking at a beagle.  And, last but not least, the Fat Dog Site has added a useful new feature:  The Fat Dog Site's Body Condition System, a handy body condition scoring chart with that good ol' Fat Dog Site twist (print it out for your convenience!).  Hope you enjoy the update!

[December 3, 2002]  While there's a smaller update on the table for December, that sure doesn't mean there isn't anything worth seeing.  First and foremost there are some new images, including what is definitely the highlight of the update- a UK newspaper clipping featuring the (unfortunate!) weight-loss story of a chocolate lab who had weighed at least 170lbs, give or take (12 stone).  The links page has also been slightly revised, and there's a new link to a new article explaining the benefits of a high-fat diet for your dog.  That's about it for this update- and of course, the Fat Dog Site wishes you a happy holiday season.

[November 1, 2002]  November brings a far larger update than in recent months, due in no secret to the generous submissions of a handful of the site's visitors.  Just what's new, you may be asking?  Well, only thirty (30!) new images for the Visuals page!  That's right.  Believe it or not, that sets a record for an image update here at the Fat Dog Site.  So instead of reading this, why don't you head on over to the Visuals page and check 'em out, huh?  As usual, great thanks go to those who sent pictures in to be included in this update- that's the kind of thing that keeps this place going.  Anyway, that's about all for this month.   Remember, it's starting to get colder outside- give those porky pooches a little more to eat to make sure they don't go hungry!

[October 3, 2002]  Well, it's that time again and there's been a little bit more to update with than the last couple of months.  That being the case, there are nine new photos to feast your eyes on in the Visuals section of a few dogs who have done plenty of feasting themselves.  After all it is getting nearer winter, and there are plenty of people who like to pack a little more weight onto their furry friends!  And guess what?  Last month, the counter on the Fat Dog Site passed the 10,000 mark!  That's right!  And even though the counter hasn't been up as long as the website itself, it's further proof that this is the best (and only!) site dedicated to fat dogs out there!  Anyway, that's about the size of the current update.  As always, stop by the message board and say a few words- and don't hesitate to send in new content.  It's there somewhere.

[August 26, 2002]  It's been awhile since the site was updated last, but there wasn't a whole lot to update.  I was eventually able to find a few things laying around, and I figured they should have a home here.  So, included in this little update are a handful of new photos, along with another new section on the Visuals page: the "The Rest" section.  Just a little spot for images that really don't fall under any of the existing headings... it's pretty thin right now (no pun intended).  But be sure to check out the first picture- it's a pretty interesting rock formation, and it should be pretty obvious what I thought it looked like!  Anyway, keep your eyes peeled to send in new pictures and the like.  It's visitor submissions that keep the Fat Dog Site the home to the most pooch poundage on the 'net!

[July 9, 2002]  There's a smaller update on the shelf for July- admittedly because of my own busy schedule.  But that doesn't mean it's meaningless, of course... there are a few new images, too.  First and foremost, a great picture of a king-sized Dalmatian who I suspect may in fact be Harley, once dubbed the UK's fattest dog.  Next, I've added a new section to the Visuals page: the Screengrabs section.  Currently featuring screen captures from the classic (and generally censored) Warner Bros. short Chow Hound, in which the final scene features a morbidly obese version of the title character being force-fed gravy.  With a little luck, this little section of the visuals page could flourish, given surprisingly common appearance of fat dogs in visual media (remember the Budweiser commercial?).  And as usual, a big thanks for this month's submissions.  Always great to see new content.

[June 6, 2002]  Another new look here at the Fat Dog Site... there were some things that needed to be fixed up a little bit, and I was getting sort of tired of the old design.  I'm pretty happy with the outcome, I think.  Anyway, down to business.  Along with the new look there are, of course, more content-related updates.  Among other things, several new images have been posted (pictures, cartoons, and even a couple of advertisements), including a newspaper clipping of the fattest dog I think I've ever seen.  I've also added a new link to the Links page.  Good to see the Message Board get a little bit of action recently, too.  And lest I forget, a big thanks to everyone who submitted pictured for the update this time around- keep your eyes open for more! :)

[May 6, 2002]  Well, update time again.  This time around there's another big, fat update of big, fat dogs- seventeen new images in the Visuals section.  And while some of the happy pooches in the pictures are porkier than others, they're all at least a little tubby.  So check it out, and make sure to stop by the Board to drum up some conversation!  And as always, don't hesitate to send in a picture to be included in the next update... more submissions mean a bigger and better update, after all. 

[April 2, 2002]  A heck of an update for you fat dog lovers this time around!  There are a whopping fourteen new images in the visuals section, making this hands down the single largest addition of pictures in the three years the Fat Dog Site has been on the net- thanks in large part to contributions of pictures from a handful of visitors to the website.  So make sure and check it out!  Also, there's been some editing to an URL in the Links section and some minor formatting changes; but that's not nearly as big of a deal.  Anyway, hope you enjoy the update- and keep your eyes open for pictures of all the fat dogs out there to send in to the website!

[March 1, 2002]  Time for an update.  Coupla things are different... some new pictures in the Visuals section, an updated link to the Satin Balls recipe in the Tips section, and a couple of new links to some interesting articles in the Links section.  Don't forget to stop by the Board and make a quick post- generally pretty quiet there.  That's about it.  Until next time... give your dog a treat and a good pet.

[January 7, 2002]  Only about a month since the last update and I've got another one already?  Could this be a sign of regular updating?  I dunno... just had enough content to warrant an update.  Some new pictures on the Visuals page, so make sure to check them out (and maybe post something on the board while you're at it!)  Hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season- and good luck in 2002. 

[November 30, 2001]   Well, there's been quite a long period of downtime, unfortunately.  If I had to guess, I'd say the site's been offline since July.  So, with that in mind: welcome to the GRAND RE-OPENING of the Fat Dog Site!  In addition to the brand-spanking-new layout, the site's sections have been revamped as well.  The "Visuals" page features everything from photographs to comics featuring fat dogs.  The "Tips" section features a little background on why some people like to see their dogs fat, along with some information relating to diet and weight control (whether it be gaining or losing).  And the "Links" page, of course, is a small collection of links relating to (what else) fat dogs.  Hope you enjoy the new format!

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